Angelo ‘Nut’ Daniels: Waiting for his Second Chance

A young Angelo Daniels (provided by author)


I was born Feb. 17, 1975, into a highly dysfunctional family. My pop was in the streets and he and my mom were on the verge of breaking up. Actually, I can’t recall a time when Mom and Pop were together in a relationship.

The old Fletcher Johnson middle school, now a mixed-use development (author’s photo)

On the streets and into prison

I moved in with my grandparents, and once that happened, all restrictions were off. I was left alone to roam the streets. I was 16 and that was my last time ever in school.

Journey through the BOP gulag

The great decline

But it all went downhill over the past decade, when a lot of money was diverted from the FBOP to fund our wars overseas. The quality of food declined and most of the good programs stopped.

Despite it all, I evolved

My personal turning point came when I got my last charge almost eight years ago. I got caught up in a fight with a few guys and almost lost my eye when I was hit with a lock. It was a moment when I took a good look at myself and understood that if I wanted to make it back to my family, I had to get control of my life and change the way I did my time. I stayed away from dudes who were out to make trouble. And I knew I had to seek out programming in any way possible.



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More Than Our Crimes

More Than Our Crimes

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