Hi, Heather, this is Pam, Rob’s editor and writing collaborator. I publish for him. Yes, he is still incarcerated, serving 30 years to life. Due to a COVID law passed by D.C. he is up for an early parole hearing in February, but I probably don’t need to tell you how dismal that chance is, especially under the USPC. (D.C. abolished parole in 2000, but Rob was imprisoned before. And D.C. also does not have control over its parole process since it is not a state and relinquished it.) Read the post we recently published about the case of James Dunn. James also recounts how BAD programming is in the feds these days; most of the quality programming has been eliminated now. You can read it here: https://medium.com/@istikame/parole-is-broken-rather-than-offering-redemption-its-too-often-a-mirage-d8547183a512

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Rob Barton has been incarcerated for 25 years. Pam Bailey is his collaborator/editor. Learn more at MoreThanOurCrimes.org

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