The Biden administration and ‘justice’ reform: Turn up the heat!

There’s a lot to like about his pledges, but there are two glaring omissions

Obama nominated Merrick Garland (far right) for the Supreme Court

What can we likely expect?

Since Garland is a pragmatist without a reformist mission, it is likely he will follow the lead of the man who appointed him. So, we took a close look at the Biden-Harris platform. There is a lot to like, but when you dig into the details, two glaring blind spots emerge — namely a near-total exclusion of persons convicted of violent crime from his reforms and incomplete attention to the impunity with which federal prisons currently operate.

So, here’s our call to action

I’m sure everyone who reads my blog agrees we need to work to end the system’s reliance on incarceration as the method to achieve “justice.” But we need reform now. Two steps on the way to that ultimate goal is to lobby Biden, Garland, and the House and Senate judiciary committees to fill two glaring gaps in the reforms they say they want to be their legacy:

  • Create prison conditions that facilitate that transformation.

Rob Barton has been incarcerated for 25 years. Pam Bailey is his collaborator/editor. Learn more at

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