These types of units are needed in prosecutors’ offices across the country. But reviews are needed for more types of cases. I am Pam Bailey, collaborator with Rob Barton, who has been imprisoned for 24+ years on the charge of murder one. There are two glaring problems with his conviction: 1) He was just one-month past his 16th birthday, and 2) he was not the shooter; rather, he was a passenger. Rob has grown up in prison. Today, he is a star student in the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program and a mentor to other young people just entering prison. (Read more about his story on our blog.) What good is being served by keep ing him there? How about reviews of sentence lengths?

Let’s all keep exposing questions like this.

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Rob Barton has been incarcerated for 25 years. Pam Bailey is his collaborator/editor. Learn more at

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